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Thanks for wanting to contact with us

The team is very small. For the moment we canĀ“t have support team!

Every day we receive a lot of emails. We have to reduce some tasks to focus on the growth of the number of brand names we have. In the near future we will have more people to help us to give all the support you need. Now we are in startup mode! Growth, growth , growth!

Price and offers on domains

We have a affordable price strategy. Our prices are the minimum we can achieve. 50% our names are below $3000. 80% are below $5000. You can pay the domain on lease-to-own in 24 months. The investment is affordable.

Phone support

If you want assistence to purchase a domain name, please contact GoDaddy brokers team. They will help you. The GoDaddy support team is available for everyone who wants to purchase domains, on 24/7 basis. Please call +44 20 7255 0717 or if you are in US +1 339-222-5134. Thanks

Direct Contact

Email and website forms have a lot off spam. We have a process to reduce the spam contacts trough a Google form.

Fyrce.com is hosted in Lisbon, Portugal. We help people naming their business ventures around the world.

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